BJS Society Limited

BJS and BJS Open are published on behalf of the BJS Society Ltd by Oxford University Press. The Journals influence and standing have grown over the years through the ownership of its registered charity, the BJS Society. The Society’s objectives are to advance and improve education in surgery and to diffuse knowledge on new and improved methods of teaching and practicing surgery in all its branches. It does this primarily through the promotion of the Journals but it has also developed international strategic partnerships. The BJS Council of Management is drawn mainly from these partner organizations whose relationship has increased the Journals profile and broadened its attraction globally. The Council is proud of the quality of the Journals, the content of which is further enhanced by a hands-on approach by its editorial team in improving submitted manuscripts and the journal content.

The Swiss Society of Surgery is a strategic partner of the BJS Society. The partnership provides many benefits to the organization and to our membership.

BJS Award

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