AQC - The quality tool of the SGC

Since 1995, surgical clinics in Switzerland have joined forces in the AQC Working Group for Quality Assurance in the Surgical Disciplines in order to jointly compile statistics on admissions and treatments and use them for quality assurance purposes thanks to comparisons with each other. Many surgical teaching hospitals as well as private hospitals are members of the AQC.

What distinguishes the AQC?

- Comprehensive quality documentation for all medical cases
- Prospective case, procedure and outcome data
- AdjumedValidate is an innovative PROM/PREM tool that also allows data to be validated by patients
- Since 1995 and constantly optimized
- Around 2 million cases
- Broad participation in all parts of Switzerland
- Comprehensive input options: Web-based, paper-based, various external interfaces
- Once-only principle in its purest form: everyday medical data (e.g. MoMo conferences, case discussions, follow-ups and other "real world data") are used directly for quality assurance purposes
- Optimum evaluation tool for every conceivable question. The entire AQC database is used for benchmarking
- Maximum flexibility in the definition of data fields and their verification
- AQC is ISO-certified and audited by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC): Maximum personnel and data security are guaranteed

Why take part in the AQC?

- Because you want a quality assurance organization initiated by physicians and exclusively committed to them
- With the best input and output tools for maximum internal transparency and external security
- The greatest possible benefit for everyday clinical practice at very modest costs
- In order that the benchmark "Hospital Switzerland" is available to doctors, science and research
- Just so that medical statistics and quality assurance serve doctors and their patients


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